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Mario Liminta was born in Busto Arsizio in 1947.

Along his scholastic career the Doctor has frequented the Institute for Accountants of Busto Arsizio where he was graduated in 1965/66.

He has graduated on the faculty of Economy and Commerce of the Catholic University in Milan in 1971.

During the following year it lends military service near the 8° Regiment Field Heavy Artillery in Modena.

Dr. Liminta is affiliate to the Order of the tax professional advisors held by the court of Busto Arsizio from June 10 1976.

He is Auditor of the Accounts to the senses of the D. LGS. 27 January 1992 N°s 88 and of the DPR. 20 novembre1992s N. 474 with ministerial decree of April 12 1995 GAZZ. UFF. N. 37 encore of May 7 1996.

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